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Suggestion Extra tabs for products

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Adam Mesa, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Adam Mesa

    Adam Mesa New Member

    I think it would be awesome if (for products) each product could have "extra" tabs on the product view page that we could fill with information - kind of like the optional extra with visual editor content, but designed for documentation on a product by product basis.


    In addition to being able to add more tabs, it would be great if:
    • It were possible to restrict some custom tabs to only show up when the user is a license owner of a paid product (ie. for restricted documentation)
    • It were possible to use php callbacks/xenForo templates - I like the visual editor as much as the next person, but as a power user, I can do so much more with access to loading my own CSS and HTML, not to mention throwing in php.
    I realise that this probably isn't very high up on the priority list, but hey - it's worth it I think!
  2. Adam Mesa

    Adam Mesa New Member

    Edit: I now know that Waindigo has an add-on out which has accessibility to do this... think I'll hold off on the priority on this for now, then. :)

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