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Suggestion Location requirement, verification and saving

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by mvk, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. mvk

    mvk New Member

    Afaik the new regulation regarding the sale of digital goods in the EU requires „two non-conflicting pieces of data“ of the location of the buyer. So it would be great if the PM would (optionally) ask the user to select his location (country) and then check if their IP address matches this country before the user can order the products. Altenratively, the PM could use the location info from the user profile. However, then the registration form would have to be modified correspondingly and I don't now if that would actually be sufficient for the authorities.. Also the IP address and country should be stored for record keeping for each purchase.
  2. mvk

    mvk New Member

    I've implemented this feature in an add-on. I'm currently doing a beta test in my webshop. If anyboy would like to join the beta testing please let me know via conversation.

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