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Upgrade Permissions

Discussion in 'General Discussion and Feedback' started by paradoxG(r)eek, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. paradoxG(r)eek

    paradoxG(r)eek New Member

    Hello Chris,

    Is not about support, but I'll appreciate if you can give me any idea.

    The normal procedure is to create a usergroup, then create a forum and give to that usergroup permissions to post, and finally to create a product and select to upgrade the buyer to that usergroup.

    This works fine for a couple of products. The problem is that I've around 60 scripts (PHP, vBulletin, WHMCS, Facebook). So even to create a product and a support thread for all of them needs lots of days. And if I need to setup 60 usergroups I must work for months.

    Is there any trick to avoid the creation of 60 usergroups? I seen as option to set each product to auto create a new usergroup. This helps a bit but still need to modify usergroup settings. Right?

    Is it a big deal (talking for custom work), instead to upgrade to usergroup, to give permission for post to a specific forum?

    I also bought RM having in mind to put there only the vB mods which are 80% of my scripts, but having just a thread is not what I want. I prefer a forum per product.

    Sorry for wasting your time
  2. Chris D

    Chris D Xen Resources Developer Staff Member Xen Notices

    Hi Chris,

    It's potentially something to consider, but it would likely be a fairly considerable change. The temporary user change system we currently use is improved a bit in XF 2.0 so it should be a bit more viable for PM 2.0, but that doesn't help you in the short term.

    Would it really take too long to create 60 user groups? As you pointed out, having the user groups automatically created with product creation cuts out some of the work. So the only task to perform after that is the creation of the nodes and setting the permissions.

    It is the most time consuming part of the process, potentially, but it still shouldn't take too long. It's just boring and repetitive.
  3. paradoxG(r)eek

    paradoxG(r)eek New Member

    Thank you Chris. I think that I found a short way to solve my problem. Currently I had setup Registered members to be able to start a thread. That's why on every new node I had to edit all usergroups and revoke this permission except to one usergroup that I want it to be able to post.

    Idiot me. Haven't thought to do just the opposite. To disallow Register usegroup to post a thread and then edit only one usergroup. I was doing so big work for nothing.
  4. Chris D

    Chris D Xen Resources Developer Staff Member Xen Notices

    Yeah I did wonder if something like that would be the case. Permissions aren't always something very easy to plan, but there is often easier ways to do things. Glad you figured it out :)
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